Another strong outing for Team Kiska

After unsettled weather the previous night, Saturday morning started wet. Although the rain ceased 10 minutes before qualifying, the Red Bull Ring was still drenched after the downpour. For Quali 1, Gottfried Pilz started for his first time in wet conditions in the KTM X-Bow GT4 car. Following a driver change for Quali 2, Lennart Marioneck set progressively fast lap times until the end of session. Although the track was starting to dry out by the end of qualifying, all Reiter Young Star teams made the decision to stay on wets, since the conditions were deemed too dangerous to change to slick tyres for many of the drivers.

After Quali 1 results, Team Kiska started from P16 on the grid, behind car #3 driven by P.Hamprecht from PROsport Performance. After an unsettled start the Porsche Cayman #111 of Team RN Vision was caught by the Porsche 911 #75 of Team Autorlando sport after a collision into Castrol edge. Following this the Mclaren 570s of Equipe Verschuur driven by F.Hutchison from Scotland collided with the barrier upon the ascent into Remus corner. Following these two incidents, yellow flags and ultimately the safety car was brought out while the debris was cleared.
The race was restarted after 10 minutes under the safety car. However it was not long until the safety car was out again, as 1 lap later the Aston Martin Vantage from Academy Motorsport turned in and collided with car #24 from RYS Team Hollinger and ultimately the #7 Aston Martin Vantage, again on the entry into Castrol edge. Unfortunately for these teams, 3 into 1 does not work. A yellow flag in Sector 1 soon followed.
After Lap 9. Gottfried Pilz had climbed P10, 12.45 seconds down from the leader, in the McLaren 570s driven by A.Meyrick, and 1.7 seconds behind car #74 of RYS Team True Racing after a successful overtake of the Porsche Cayman #3 into Schlossgold.

Team Kiska was the first team among the top runners to enter the pitlane for the driver change from Gottfried Pilz to Lenny Marioneck. This was chosen as the best strategy to undercut the rest of the field. Team Kiska, completed a successful pit-stop in a time of 101.7seconds. After Lap 15, once all the pit-stops had taken place. Lenny Marioneck was 18.16seconds off the leader in P6, with 17 minutes to go until the checkered flag after overtaking car #64 into Rindt and car #112 into Remus under braking respectively. Laura Kraihamer from RYS Team True Racing was next to be overtaken by Lennart Marioneck’s charge up the field into Remus to take 5th postition. Following a 1 second stop and go penalty by the McLaren 570s #33, team Kiska was sitting in P4. Another safety car was brought out for an error cause by car #69 into Schlossgold. Once this had passed, 3 minutes and 40 seconds remained of the race. After a tough battle with the car from RYS Team Schonramer, Team Kiska finished +4.235seocnds from the leader, Ricardo van der Ende from Ekris motorsport in 4th position overall and lifted 2nd in the Silver Cup Category.

There were fewer thrills and spills in race 2 in comparison to the events from the previous morning. However, it was just as dramatic with less safety cars and more racing. Lennart Marioneck started P7 on the grid for race 2. After a successful start, both car #14 and #64 from RYS Team KTM and RYS Team InterNetX respectively were overtaken by Lennart before Castrol edge. The Sin R1 car from Sofia car motorsport was the next GT4 car to be overtaken by Lennart on the exit of Remus. Following this, the rest of Lennart Marioneck’s stint remained somewhat uneventful until the pit window opened at the 25th minute of the race. Once the pit window closed on the 35th minute of the race, RYS Team Kiska with Gottfried Pilz at the wheel were in 6th position behind the KTM X-Bow #54 of RYS Team Prankl. It was now time for Gottfried Pilz to make up positions as he overtook #54 into Castrol edge. Following this, car #24 and car #14 received a drive through penalty for speeding and traveling less than 40kmh in the pitlane respectively. Bringing RYS Team Kiska into 3rd position. This was to remain the same until the end of the race, finishing 19 seconds behind a successful Ricardo van der Ende in the Eris M4 GT4 car once again.

After a successful weekend at the Redbullring. Team Kiska, along with our drivers; Lennart Marioneck and Gottfried Pilz have finished 2nd in the silver cup category, 3rd overall and 3rd in the silver cup category during race 1 and 2 respectively. Despite not attending the Brand Hatch event for the northern cup, Team Kiska are 2nd in the both the driver and team championship standings, with Lennart Marioneck. With the season becoming even more competitive, Team Kiska are looking forward to continue this run of success into the next event in the calendar, at the Slovakiaring on the 15th and 16th of July.