Reiter Young Stars proved their potential at DTM event

Caitlin Wood still in the lead, but Laura Kraihamer keeps the female competition wide open until the final round at Zandvoort. Lennart Marioneck back on top of the male point standings.

For rounds 6 and 7 the Reiter Young Stars Cup switched back to the well known sprint format after the endurance adventure in Spa. Under observation of the DTM manufacturer teams, the Reiter Young Stars fought hard at the penultimate event for the important Championship points.

Male competition

A second warm up lap due to technical problems at the start line had been a bit confusing in the beginning of race 1. But with lap 3 lights went green and the KTM X-BOW GT4 pack started racing. Three of the young drivers should realize an average lap under the mark of 1.5 minutes per lap after checking the results. Lennart Marioneck (RYS Team Holinger) won the competition with a time of 1.54,544 minutes. This made him the leader in the point standings again. Marko Helistekangas (RYS Team Pankl), first in the ranking until Hungaroring, just finished ninth in his KTM.

„We just started doing some laps in second practice, so we missed some track time on a new circuit”, explained Lennart Marioneck the start of his weekend. “In this first race of the weekend, we had to fight hard, but I am lucky with the victory in the Reiter Young Stars competition and that I could step up into the leading position.”

Three tenths of a second behind Marioneck was Mads Siljehaug in second position. Also in the overall classification the RYS Team Hohenberg Event driver showed up in the top spots and finished fourth after 25 laps. The fastest lap of all GT4 cars in the race had been done by Siljehaug too! Third in the Reiter Young Stars competition went to Chris Flok (RYS Team InterNetX)

On Sunday, it was tim for Marko Helistekangas to strike back. He took the win in the RY rankings and decreased his average lap time by 2.7 seconds to 1.54,298 minutes. This should be the fastest average lap of all Reiter Young Stars this weekend. Lennart Marioneck stayed close with 1.54,571 minutes in second and collected enough points to defend the leading position in the driver´s standings with his RYS Team Holinger KTM X-BOW GT4.

„I could have won today, even our starting position wasn´t the best”, said Marioneck. “But P2 is ok so far. But Marko has won and he is close to me in the ranking, so I am not really happy at all, because I want to win the Reiter Young Stars competition at the end of the season!”.

Again in a podium position was Mads Siljehaug (RYS Team Hohenberg Event). With a gap of around two tenths of a second to Marioneck he finished third.

Female competition

The Hungaroring saw in both races a showdown between just two female drivers. Caitlin Wood (RYS Team Kiska) and Laura Kraihamer (RYS Team KTM) should be the contenders for the victories, but analogous to their male colleagues the Championship win will be decided at the final rounds at Zandvoort. Virtually the gap in the points didn´t change in Hungary.

Laura Kraihamer won race 1 on Saturday with 0,37 seconds ahead in the average of the five fastest race laps. The Austrian could close the gap from 13 to 5 points in the ranking in the first run of the weekend. On Sunday, just 0,34 seconds should decide about the victory in the Reiter Young Stars race 2. But this time it had been Caitlin Wood to step onto first place of the winner´s podium ahead of Laura Kraihamer in second. This change the gap in points back to 13 for Kraihamer.

„Actually the weekend started far away from what we have planned”, Catilin Wood looked back on her weekend. “In free practice I struggled with the track, but it got better in qualifying. I could manage to do two fast laps in this extreme short session and the lap times were not too bad. First race went well, but we had to change the setup a lot for race 2. I got into the car in the second half of the race and went straight into a safety car period, so that I just had around six minutes at the end of the race to get my fast laps.”

Third in both races went to Doreen Seidel with the RYS Team Pankl KTM X-BOW GT4 ahead of Rebecca Jackson (RYS Team WP Performance).

RYS True Racing withdrawn after accident in qualifying, Freiburghaus stepped into KISKA car

Qualifying 1 started with a shock wave for the whole Reiter Young Stars group, as RYS True Racing driver Anna Rathe crashed hard into the tyre barriers at high speed in sector 12. “A stone in the pedal box caused the problem”, explained Reiter Engineering owner Hans Reiter. Anna Rathe left the KTM X-BOW GT4 unhurt, all safety devices at the carbon chassis did their job perfectly. But due to the heavy damage, the car had to be withdrawn for the weekend. Her teammate Cedric Freiburghaus could step into the RYS Team KISKA car, where he joined Caitlin Wood.


There are only two races in Zandvoort left in the Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016, less than two weeks ahead. Team boss Hans Reiter took a first look back: “The Championship keeps undecided until the last round and is extremely exciting. For Zandvoort an overall podium finish for our KTM X-BOW GT4 cars is possible. The circuit is known for tyre use and the KTM X-BOW GT4 is very tyre friendly car. Until now, we only used one set of slicks per car and weekend, so we hopefully have an advantage in Zandvoort.”

If you want to see all the GT4 race action from Hungaroring re-live, you can watch race 1 from Saturday here and Sundays race 2 here.


The driver´s standing after Hungaroring:

Male drivers

1.         Lennart Marioneck / RYS Team Holinger                             147 points

2.         Marko Helistekangas / RYS Team Pankl                             132 points

3.         Thomas Krebs / RYS Team WP Performacne                     114 points


1.         Caitlin Wood / RYS Team KISKA                                         182 points

2.         Laura Kraihamer / RYS Team KTM                                     169 points

3.         Rebecca Jackson / RYS Team WP Performance               111 points

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